The guide

My name is Graciela Arzelán.

In 2008 I arrived to Norway looking for the midnight sun, I found it... but I also found a real Viking man! … and I fell in love with him. Since then, I'm coming to Norway every year, staying for several months each time.

I'm from Argentina, and I live half of the time in my country and the other half in Oslo. As a foreigner, lots of things seemed strange to me at the beginning. I think is quite difficult to discover them all in a short stay in the country, so I thought it was a good idea to help tourists a bit, so I've started designing alternative tours in Oslo.

I used to be Phisical Education teacher, but my fascination for travelling made me entre little by little in the tourism world.

I work as a tourist guide since 1999, first in Argentina, from my north birht place to the mythic Patagonia. Then I open my horizons to Chile and Bolivia. Years later I've worked a few seasons in the south of Africa, and finally I've arrived to this beautiful country, Norway, wich I've adopted as my second home.

I've travelled in Norway from the far extrem in North Cape, to the southest point, Lindesness, and from east to west, through mountains, fiords, lakes and glaciers. In the year 2012, I've choosen to stay in Oslo, to show its hiden secrets to the ones that want to discover them.

I invite you to join the tours

and have fun together!