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My wife and I spent 2 weeks in Scandinavia and took 2 other bikes tours.  The bike tour with Graciela was easily the best.  We spent our first day in Oslo unimpressed and not sure why the city was a capital and renowned by so many.  After 4 hours on the bike with Graciela we realized how great a city it is.  Graciela is so different than other tours.  She does not follow a specific time limit and has so much enthusiasm for her city.  She leads you through the city in every relevant  neighborhood, shows all of the sites, and answers all of your questions patiently.  To have almost a private tour (2 others were with us) and get to see so much, get very interesting information that was not just tourist facts (examples would be going through non-touristy neighborhoods to see where the rich, poor, immigrants, and young live, socialize and work to get a better idea of the real Oslo) was amazing.  My wife and felt we knew the city of Oslo very well after the tour and cannot say enough about how much fun the tour is. 

Thank you so much for your fantastic tour of what can only be described as an amazing city.  We loved the city and thoroughly enjoyed cycling around the amazing sights.

The tour was both knowledgeable and interesting as well as good fun.

Thanks again.

Hope to visit Oslo again!

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