Why alternativOSLO?

 offers tours on bikes, tram or foot, focused mainly in the contrasts of the city and  its inhabitants.

Oslo divided by the Akerselva river, and west and east Oslo are completelly different. For a foreigner, lots of things can seem strange, but it is quite difficult to discover them all in a short stay in the country, so the idea is to help you to do it, and that's how we were born:

- the smallest of all the companies that offers city tours

- the only one that proposes bike, tram and walking tours

- the one that will provide you the most personal treatment

We are not going to follow the itineraries described in the tourist guides. The idea is to make you discover another Oslo. The one where locals live (and used to live), where they eat, drink, work and have fun...

The local guide speaks Spanish, Italian, French and English and will show you both, the famous and the secret spots of this amazing city, not in a rush, but giving you enough time to enjoy it.  At the end of the tour you will also know a few words in Norwegian, their language, and you will also learn how to move alone in the city.

VELKOMMEN TIL ...and discover a wonderful city!!!